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Massage Equip and Tools

  • Treatment Kit Treatment Kit

    Ear Candles - Treatment Kit

    Why Use Ear Candles? It is known that Ear Candles have been in use throughout many centuries.  They are used to inject a beneficial smoke into the ear canal to gently warm and massage it to promote a sense of wellbeing throughout the whole body. ...

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  • Arms Free - Far Infrared Slimming Blanket Hand controlled

    FreeSlim Slimming Blanket

    Far Infrared Slimming Blanket.    by the french manufacturer and designer of Thermaslim Designed and manufactured in France, the FreeSlim Slimming Blanket will enhance the services offered in any Spa or Wellness Centre This is a 'Made to...

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  • HeatPad+ and HeatPad XL

    Massage Table - Heat Pad

    State of the Art Heat Pad for Spa and Wellness Centres Manufactured in France, this 2 section heat pad is designed for use on a massage bed and allows for a facehole. Clients can lie directly on the heat pad without fear of burning.  Perfect for...

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