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    Aromatherapy - Brochure 10Pk

    This professional brochure introduces clients to the concepts and benefits of aromatherapy.  It provides the reader with an understanding of how essential oils are derived and applied through a range of aromatherapy techniques including uses in...

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    Shiatsu for Health - Brochure 10Pk Shiatsu for Health - Brochure 10Pk

    Shiatsu for Health - Brochure 10Pk

    This full colour professionalbrochurediscusses coping with stress and fatigue, easing aches and pains, preparing for labour, and learning self care techniques. It describes the history of Shiatsu and its evolution into the variations in practice today...

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    Therapeutic Massage - Brochure (SINGLES)

      In friendly and engaging language, our Therapeutic Massage brochure helps your clients understand how massage can assist with their specific issues.  The brochure covers a range of common complaints with commentary by medical and massage...

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    What Is Massage Like - Brochure 10Pk

    "What is Massage Like" professional brochure helps new massage clients feel comfortable making that first appointment by explaining what to expect during and after a massage treatment. It is written in an easy-to-understand language that is friendly and...

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