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Massage Lotions & Gels


    Hydro2Oil Sorbolene Massage Lotion Ultra-deep moisturising formula, Ideal for all skin types, Including dry, flaky & sensitive skin   Exclusively blended for Professional Massage Therapists.  Offers superior control and cleanliness...

  • Melrose Massage Lotion -1 Litre

    The Melrose Massage Lotion with H2 Oil properties means a great combination for therapists who need an oil-based lotion to maximise therapeutic treatment and still have a product that washes out easily from linen and enhances linen robustness. This...

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  • Sports Grip 50g

    Premax Sports Grip 50g

    Sports Grip A non-slip sports grip balm applied to the hands or sporting equipment to enable superior grip and control in all weather conditions. It’s long lasting, sweat and moisture resistant, and has a clean, dry finish.   Enhanced...

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  • 500ml

    Sports Lotion by Premax

    Sports Lotion: 500ml A warming, premium quality massage lotion consisting of olive oil, wintergreen, shea butter, cocoa butter, vitamin e, and glycerin. Premax Sports lotion is long lasting, wipes off easily and moisturises the skin. Premax Sports...

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