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EarthLite Massage

  • Deluxe Headrest Cushion Deluxe Headrest Cushion

    Deluxe Headrest Cushion

    Delux Headrest Cushion by EarrhLite Superbly upholstered face.head cradle cushions  - perfect to upgrade small or tired cushions in your clinic or day spa.  Includes the velcro underpinning to secure cradle to your massage bed or...

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  • Avalon XD Package Strata headrest cushion

    Earthlite - Avalon XD Table Package

     Earthlite's Avalon XD Practitoner Package.From the "worlds #1 brand" in massage tables COVID19 UPDATE: Earthlite stock available to ship from USA Nov 2020 With handcrafted construction, premium materials, and a lifetime limited warranty –...

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  • Teal Package Transit Bag included

    Earthlite - Harmony Table Package

      COVID19 UPDATE: Earthlite stock available to ship from USA Nov 2020 The Harmony Portable Massage and Practitioner Package This fantastic table can now be purchased in four upholstery colours   The Harmony DX, it the only...

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  • Luna Package Luna in Teal

    EarthLite - Luna Massage Table Package

    COVID19 UPDATE: Earthlite stock available to ship from USA Nov 2020 EarthLite's Luna Portable Lightweight  The Luna is an innovative Reiki ready aluminum frame with a Pro-Lite™ cushioning system that combines to create a super-lite, yet...

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  • Cool strata cushion Cool strata cushion

    EarthLite Cool Strata Face Cushion

    Strata Cool - A True Innovation The innovative Strata Cool pad sits among luscious layers of our downy Cloudfill™ polygel blend and viscous memory foam to swaddle your client’s face in a sea of tranquility. You can use the Strata Cool on an...

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  • EarthLite Hanging Armrest EarthLite Hanging Armsling

    EarthLite Hanging Armsling

    The Hanging Armsling provides comfort to your client and is great for opening the shoulders for deeper access. It is lightweight, portable solution and easy to install   It attaches with a strap to any headrest. This product is designed and...

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  • Earthlite Jumbo Half Round Bolsters

    Earthlite Jumbo Half Round Bolsters

    For therapists seeking a larger bolster with greater depth than the standard half round bolsters - this is it.   Our Jumbe Half Round bolsters measure 11.5 cm x 22 cm x 73.5 cm This Earthlite Jumbo Half Round Bolster is a foam-filled with a...

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  • Professional Table Cover - Beige Professional Table Cover - Black

    EarthLite Professional Table Cover

    Professional Table Cover (EarthLite) Protect the life of your EarthLite table with our Professional Table Cover. Designed to fit 72cm, 76cm, and 81cm flat top portable and stationary tables, this ultra-durable cover feels like a massage table bed...

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  • Comes with carry case

    Element Massage Chair Package

    EarthLite  Element Massage Chair Package The Inner Strength Element Massage Chair is perfect for the mobile massage therapist. Crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum, it is lightweight, extraordinarily strong, and very stable. It is fully...

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