Product Guarantee

Each item we sell is covered by a warranty.  This is a manufacturer's warranty.

What is a manufacturer's warranty ?

This means when a product is not up to the standard advertised due to a manufacturing fault, we will follow a set procedure:

1.  Ask you to specify the concern with the product

2.  Identify whether your concern is a manufacturing fault or fault in use.

3.  Refer to the maniufacturer for a course of action for any proposed any manufacturer fault

In most cases you will be required to return the faulty item for manufacturer's review for warranty.  If there is a warranty issue then the manufacturer will pay for the shipping cost to us and provide a replacement or repaired item in accordance with the product warranty details.   Cash refunds or store credit is not provided in lieu or manufacturer's replacement.

Where a claim is not covered under warranty as determined by the manufacturer we do not accept liability.  This is the case where claims are considered a fault in use or simply a change of mind.

Where an item is the wrong colour or size any claim for return must be made within three days of receipt and returned for exchange in clean, unused condition and in original packaging.  Soiled goods, goods not in their original packaging will not be exchanged.