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  • Arms Free - Far Infrared Slimming Blanket
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  • Understanding Far Infrared
  • The Human Skin

FreeSlim Slimming Blanket

Made To Order
$143.36 (Fixed shipping cost)
Minimum Purchase:
3 unit(s)

Product Description

Far Infrared Slimming Blanket.    by the french manufacturer and designer of Thermaslim

Designed and manufactured in France, the FreeSlim Slimming Blanket will enhance the services offered in any Spa or Wellness Centre

This is a 'Made to order' item, in the colour range blue/silver or orange/toffee. Instruction manual provided and full warranty.  CE Approved and ready for use in Australia - no adapter required.



Don't know about the benefits of Far Infrared?  Read More 

Biocompatible far infrared rays penetrate deeply in the human tissues (up to 4cm) without damaging epidermis nor dermis by producing heat they enhance naturally following physiological effects:

Detoxifying effect: toxin elimination,

Slimming effect: calory elimination

Antalgic effect: neuro-muscular relaxation

Heart and blood circulation effect:  tissue oxygenation

Respiration effect: broncho-dilatation

Psyche effect: relaxation and well-being


Sun spectrum is made of visible light, the rainbow colours, and invisible light of which infrared rays are part, and are subdivided in 3 ranges :

• Short infrared rays : from 0.78 to 1.4 micron wave length

• Middle infrared rays : from 1.4 to 4 micron wave length

• Far infrared rays : from 4 to 1.000 micron wave lentgth

Human body emits far infrared rays with wave lengths from 5 to 14 microns ; infrared rays emitted by 3a beauté devices are from 7 to 14 micron wave length, and thus are called biocompatible waves


Efficiency of biocompatible infrared rays

: depends on blanket temperature

: far infrared ray emissivity is most efficient when blanket temperature is close to human body temperature

: heat distribution inside the blanket is much more important than temperature level reached by the blanket


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